Hello, I'm Jack de Nileth. That's what you can call me, anyway. I was a fan of Stargate back in the day and really liked Jack O'Neill. And that's all there really is to it. But since that alone wouldn't make for a good pen name I added the surname of a character from my Mortaevum universe.

I began to craft fantasy and science-fiction stories during my high school years, all of which were intended for games that I made with the RPG-Maker engine (which isn't as bad as people say!). During this time, I created a vast universe that most of my stories took place in, with an epic trilogy at its center. I never managed to finish the last part of the series, though, despite spending 6+ years on it. It simply grew too big for one person to finish alone.

That's why, a few years back, I decided to resurrect those stories in the form of novels, even if it means that the full scope of these experiences will never be fully realized. Turning a single book into a vast, non-linear experience would be somewhat difficult, after all. I do have other ideas that could eventually be turned into games, however. I just need the time to actually focus on making games again, which might not happen until after the main story of my universe has finally been told.