Hello, I'm Jack de Nileth...that's what you can call me at least. I was a fan of Stargate back in the day and really liked Jack O'Neill. That's all there is to it. But since that alone wouldn't make for a good pen name I added the surname of a character from my Mortaevum universe.

I began to craft fantasy and science-fiction stories during my school years, all of which were intended for games that I made with the RPG-Maker engine. During this time, I created a vast universe that most of my stories took place in, with an epic trilogy at its center. I never managed to finish the last part of the series, though, despite spending 6+ years on it.

That's why I decided to retell my stories in the form of books, even if that meant to start from scratch. So wish me luck and buy some of my books if you like. I'd be grateful for any honest review.