Sunday, December 11, 2016

Mortaevum fantasy


"Grim Memoria tells the story of a man who falls from the sky, with no idea where he came from or who he actually is. A young woman fishes him from the river and offers him a life that his previous self could never have dreamt of. But the past has a habit of catching up, no matter how long or far he tries to run. Can he find a way to escape the Wheel of Fate? Or will it shatter his one and only chance to attain a life shaped by his own free will?"


>> Buy the novel to find out! <<

My first full-length novel is finally available on Amazon! Might not be as long as a A Decaying World (which still hasn't been released), but I hope some of you will enjoy it nonetheless. So if you're interested in fantasy, romance or mystery, why not check it out? You can even read it for free if you have a Kindle Unlimited membership. I might also release a paperback somewhere down the road, but not right now. Mostly because I would like a unique cover instead of having to use stock photos.

Please leave a review when you're done. A few lines would be enough. It truly helps a lot, especially in terms of visibility. And it would be great if you could share the novel with friends or acquaintances who might be interested in this kind of story.

So, what happens next? Well, I planned to finally get back to A Decaying World, but after reading Grim Memoria for like a thousand times in a row, I feel a little burnt out. So I'll delay that until the new year. But then I'll try to get through the entire book (the Calamity portion anyway). Might still need more revisions afterward, but I really want to release it next year.

But I also need to finish the Desolation portion of the story, which will lead Drake and his companions into the World Below, a place full of wonders and horrors that connects all of Meceruun. So please look forward to me writing new chapters ... more than two years after the cliffhanger of Chapter 22!

Until then, have fun with Grim Memoria. And don't forget the $20 giveaway! I added new entry options today, so tell others about Grim Memoria and increase your chances to win some money!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

After going through Grim Memoria multiple times, I've finally decided on a release date! While I could upload the book right now, I want to make sure that I haven't overlooked any errors, especially where missing letters are concerned. And I want to see if anyone else is interested in getting a review copy, as I've only received one reply so far. So I'll give it ten more days and will release the book around the 10th of December!

I also thought of including two short stories that are somewhat connected to the events of Grim Memoria. Then I realized I couldn't do that as both of them have already been published on other sites. And I'd really like to make use of KU for the time being. That's why everyone who signs up for my newsletter (or has already signed up) will get a free story when Grim Memoria comes out. It's nothing huge and also nothing new, but it seems to help other people getting newsletter subscribers, so I might as well give it a try.

Until then, don't forget the $20 Paypal Giveaway! You can earn additional points every day. And the more you get, the better your chances.

Fantas novel

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Another year is almost over and I haven't really accomplished what I would have liked to accomplish. Partially due to being depressed for way too long, but also due to being lazy. And because I got a couple of beta reading offers, but those seem to have dried up for now.

Additionally, I'm turning 29 today and have no one to celebrate it with. Not that there's a reason to celebrate after everything that's happened (or hasn't happened) in the last year. I don't plan to go into any details, so here's two things I'd like to announce today:

  • Grim Memoria is gonna be released either this month or the next. I'm not entirely sure yet, as I still have to finish up a side-project before I can check the story two or three more times. I also expected another project to keep me busy for a week or two, but I guess the one asking for it has simply dropped out. So that might not happen. 
  • As the title already implies, there's gonna be a giveaway! Nothing huge, just something to hopefully get the word out. Certainly better than just throwing the book out there. It's gonna end on the 24th of December. Too late to buy some Christmas presents, but it gives me more than enough time to get the book ready and up on Amazon. And for people to actually find the giveaway!

What can you win? $20 in Paypal cash. All you need to do is sign into the Gleam widget and participate in at least one activity. Afterwards you can get a free bonus entry every day. Everything else is entirely optional but gives you better chances to win. I might add some options when the book is ready, so come back every day to make sure you don't miss out! So good luck! And if anyone is interested in fantasy, why not check out my book after its release? It's only going to cost $2,99!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Time for another update, I guess. I haven't gotten much done these last few weeks, partially due to a vacation and also because I didn't feel well mentally. Again. The last year just kinda sucked, even if it's mostly my fault. I also started a new story some days ago, but I'm just not feeling it. Might be okay for the game I planned to use it in. Not sure how well it translates into a book.

So I'll put it aside for now and will focus entirely on Grim Memoria. Which has been done for a while, by the way (at 43K words). Just need to put on the finishing touches. Afterwards, I'll finally get back to Loop. It's been dormant for way too long despite being a relatively short story. I'll have to start from the beginning, though, as the original was written in 3rd person while 1st person would make a lot more sense.

And when I'm done with that, as well as some side projects, I'll try to finish the first part of A Decaying World. Just need to hope that I can keep my perfectionism in check. And that my mood doesn't hit rock bottom again, which might very well happen in 2 1/2 months...

Geryon Roza - Bella Hostia

There's also been a couple of changes, as you might have noticed. The first would be the artworks section, which I finally have actual content for! All thanks to a browser game I don't even like. Seems to be all the rage amongst women, but all I care about is earning ingame currency which other people accept as payment for artworks. Might sound annoying, but I can easily watch a movie or a tv show while farming the game. So if you can't afford to pay for artworks, why not have a look?

The other change would be me offering beta reading in exchange for a relatively small fee. I know it's frowned upon, but I think it makes more sense than giving your manuscript to a total stranger and hoping for some feedback, which most people might not deliver, as I've experienced myself. And if I'm going to spend hours reading and commenting on someone else's story, I might as well ask for something in return.

I don't expect much to come of it, but my bank account would certainly be happy about a few gigs once in a while. And who knows, maybe I'll get more customers if I manage to build an actual portfolio. To achieve that, I'll also look around for short stories to critique.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hey guys, sorry for the absence, but there wasn't much to say about my writing projects. Which doesn't mean I stopped writing, but most of it had nothing to do with the my Jack de Nileth pen name. And while I'm trying to get back in the grove, the last year wasn't easy. And there are still days when I don't feel motivated to write anything. The summer heat doesn't help in that regard. Really wish I had some window shades...

But hey, I finally got rid of my student loan some weeks ago! Takes a bit of pressure off. Which doesn't mean I can focus 100% on my projects, as I have others running that need to be finished. The Way of Darkness should be one of them, but I don't feel like focusing on a serial for now. Which is why I started adapting another of my games: Grim Memoria. And man, the dialogue was awful. The written version should hopefully be an improvement. I'm about 20K words in but have no idea how much is left. Maybe another 20K, but I know my writing can get a bit excessive.

Afterwards, I'll finish some other projects and maybe then I can focus on getting the first Mortaevum book released. And then I'll see about the second half. Can't make any promises, though. I just hope my motivation doesn't take a nosedive again. Being depressed sucks.

I also made a cover for Grim Memoria, by the way. An artwork made specifically for the story would have been nicer, but this one has to do for now, even though it doesn't totally fit the character it's meant to portray.