Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Grim Memoria Release Giveaway!

Another year is almost over and I haven't really accomplished what I would have liked to accomplish. Partially due to being depressed for way too long, but also due to being lazy. And because I got a couple of beta reading offers, but those seem to have dried up for now.

Additionally, I'm turning 29 today and have no one to celebrate it with. Not that there's a reason to celebrate after everything that's happened (or hasn't happened) in the last year. I don't plan to go into any details, so here's two things I'd like to announce today:

  • Grim Memoria is gonna be released either this month or the next. I'm not entirely sure yet, as I still have to finish up a side-project before I can check the story two or three more times. I also expected another project to keep me busy for a week or two, but I guess the one asking for it has simply dropped out. So that might not happen. 
  • As the title already implies, there's gonna be a giveaway! Nothing huge, just something to hopefully get the word out. Certainly better than just throwing the book out there. It's gonna end on the 24th of December. Too late to buy some Christmas presents, but it gives me more than enough time to get the book ready and up on Amazon. And for people to actually find the giveaway!

What can you win? $20 in Paypal cash. All you need to do is sign into the Gleam widget and participate in at least one activity. Afterwards you can get a free bonus entry every day. Everything else is entirely optional but gives you better chances to win. I might add some options when the book is ready, so come back every day to make sure you don't miss out! So good luck! And if anyone is interested in fantasy, why not check out my book after its release? It's only going to cost $2,99!

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