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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Yesterday I spent about 10 hours working on a short teaser movie for Mortaevum, despite it being only about a minute long. I would have preferred to use completely custom material but that won't happen unless I suddenly learn to draw or someone actually draws something for me, apart from covers, that is.

Anyway, here's the movie.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

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Chapter 7: A Rift Between Worlds

It took them a few hours to reach Desson, a small settlement consisting of nothing more than a handful of beige stone buildings built around a well. Drake had always thought that his home town was one of the smaller villages on Meceruun, but Arlin was a city compared to this desolate town. Judging by the occasional patches of grass it might have been an oasis once but as the old man had told them: the desert won't stop till every trace of life has been extinguished. The village didn't even look like it was inhabited as there wasn't a single person in sight.
Where is everyone?” asked Maximilian while wiping sweat off his forehead.
Indoors, I assume. Who'd want to be outside under these conditions?”
Despite having most of his face hidden Drake still felt the immense heat of the desert sun upon his skin. He lost count on how often he stumbled and fell during their journey as the sun continually sapped his energy.
I thought these cloaks would be a bit more useful,” said Maximilian, wiping the sweat from his forehead once more.
How about you take it off then and see how worse it gets?” Drake chuckled.
I'd rather not. Hey, that building looks like a tavern. Might be the perfect place to waste some time while we wait for the temperature to drop.”
Shortly thereafter they stepped through the door and were greeted by complete and utter silence. Every single person in the establishment stared at the newcomers and they could hear sentences like “How did those strangers get here?” or “Maybe they know something about the pillar.” being whispered.
What? Never seen humans before?” exclaimed Maximilian loudly and the mob was taken aback, instantly returning to whatever they had been doing earlier. Conversations and laughter filled the room as normality ensued.

Friday, February 28, 2014

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Chapter 6: Mirage

After the beast took over I was banished into the darkness of my mind, only able to see blurry images and listen to the monster's thoughts. The world was plunged into an azure abyss soon after and the vampire's control slipped a little while he fought for his life. I was unable to take over just yet but I could conjure imaginary stairs leading back into the center of my mind. The steps spiraled out of control, turned themselves upside down, became as thin as matchsticks, however, none of his attempts were able to stop me and when I finally reached the top I smashed through a door locked by chains of darkness. Behind it lay a spherical chamber housings hundreds of thousands of light-orbs, all showing moments that had long since passed, although I couldn't remember some of them. A smoke monster swirled through the air and accelerated when it became aware of my instrusion.
Return to the depths where you belong! I saved your pathetic life and even obeyed your order by taking the human with me. I deserve to be in control for once!
You deserve nothing! This is my body, not yours!”
It is our body and there's nothing you can do about that! Accept your fate and I won't need to take over again!
Drake materialized a sword in mid-air and grabbed its hilt. It wasn't a shadow sword, though, but one with a crystalline blade. It was bathed in radiant light and started to hum when Drake jumped into the air, ready to battle the beast within.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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Chapter 5: Dying Breath Of Gana Borodem

The light diminished and darkness took over. Drake's body felt like it was on fire but he couldn't see what was happening after being temporarily blinded by the crystal's radiance. He did notice the smell of burned flesh, though, and touched his face with his right arm. His eyes widened in disbelief after noticing the bloody mess that should have been his cheek. What happened?
You don't look so good, vampire!” responded Maximilian mockingly while pressing his blade into Drake's neck. “Tell me where we are and how I can get back to Pagan and I'll make it quick!” I know? You...shattered the crystal! And I...can't even see...anything!” Drake was wheezing and trembling, barely able to hold himself upright. It wasn't because of the pain, as vampires have a higher pain threshold than humans, but because most of his energy had been drained.
Maximilian removed his blade and walked in a half-circle across rocky terrain before he spoke once more: “Gosh, you look even worse from the front. Even your eyeballs are burned.”
How did this...was it the light? It has to be, right? He expected an answer from Modera but all he received was a kick to the stomach, which caused him to fall backwards onto rocks.
Agh, why did you do that?”
Just making sure that you're not putting on an act. How long will you need to regenerate?”
I don't...know. I haven't been a vampire...for very long,” his stomach grumbled, as if on cue. “And I don't know...if I have any energy regenerate. What does it even you? Just kill me already.”
No, you're not getting off that easy if you can't or won't provide information. And who knows, maybe you can still prove useful as bait for wild animals.”
I guess we're not in the vicinity...of a city or village?”
No, we're stuck in the mountains, with cliffs all around us. It's too dark to climb therefore we'll have to spend the night together. That should give you enough time to heal yourself.”
Don't you...have any potions?” The only potion we need is his blood! Trick him, suck him dry! Shut up!
Of course I do but I'd have to spend every single one of them to heal wounds as severe as yours. And I'm certainly not going to waste them on an evil creature.”
I'm not...evil!”
Sure, you were just playing a little prank by putting every person in the castle to sleep. And I suppose you were joking when you talked about kidnapping me?”
We didn't do that...because we wanted! Modera...ordered us to.”
I don't know why!” Drake yelled and suffered a coughing bout.
Don't strain yourself. We can talk later! Perhaps I'll even believe you this time,” these words were followed by the sound of metal falling onto stones. “I'll try to find some firewood. We have a long night ahead of us. You just stay there.”
Very funny!”
Maximilian's footsteps would have vanished in the distance but Drake's hearing was going haywire once more. The area was strangely quit, though, only filled by sporadic gusts of air, but Drake was too distracted by his aching skin to care. Maximilian returned 15 minutes later, started a small campfire and went to sleep soon after.
Drake tried to follow his example but was disturbed by strange sounds coming from below: thudding footsteps followed by rattling metal. Whenever they ceased a raspy breathing noise filled the air. Whatever you are, please go away! The moment those thoughts passed his mind the footsteps stopped and the ground shook ever so slightly.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

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 A lone figure clad in white stood in a world devoid of darkness. Its light stretched into infinity, unhindered by obstacles it would have encountered in the physical realm. But despite being a world the darkness cannot touch it is far from being a paradise. It's merely an endless plane without features, a place where you wouldn't even realize that you're moving forward as everything looks the same. More importantly, it's also a place without life, at least the kind of life you're accustomed to. The white-robed man remained silent for what seemed like an eternity, deep in thought since the moment he arrived as he felt that something was off. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be straining his ears although there were no sounds he could have listened to.

You wanted to talk?” booming voices resounded through the empty world, cutting through the silence.

Something seems to be wrong. Everything is proceeding in a similar fashion but if the changes continue to accumulate then everything could have been in vain. Especially since he is already stirring.”

...” a gloomy silence filled the air, even worse than when the white-robed man had entered this realm.

I've never seen this possibility. I tried so hard to find it among all the noise but it simply doesn't exist! How am I supposed to help him under these circumstances?”

Something has changed – something that might have ruined everything, but it was the only choice we had,” sadness reverberated throughout the world.

But why can't I see the deviation?”

Because it would have endangered our entire existence!

You'd rather waste everything I've done than take a risk?” the man's voice was filled with anger.


I need to see...” he was desperate now.

This might be the last time we speak to each other...please, don't let it end like this...

The world lit up in single flash of light and a sphere of pure energy surrounded the white-robed figure. He fell to his knees, pressed his hands onto his head and began to scream while the realm changed.

The brightness faded away, leaving behind nothing but a muddy gray, and the air itself seemed to ripple, slowly intensifying till a loud crack echoed through the world. The darkness had finally found a way inside...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Chapter 4: Remnants Of The Marble City

When Drake awoke all signs of the attack had disappeared, although he could have sworn that the wardrobe stood in a different place last night. Glenn was already up and about, once again sitting in a chair by the wall and staring at him.

Is something wrong?”

What happened tonight?”

What do you mean? I walked around the city for a while and got lost in the process. When I finally found my way back I...went to sleep, I suppose. I might have visited the pub beforehand though. That would explain the blackout and why my head is pounding.”

You went to sleep?” asked his father incredulously.

Yes? Is something wrong with that?”

I...guess not,” he sighed and picked up a piece of parchment. “Anyway, we've got our audience. The king expects us at 3 P.M. so don't be late! The castle should be hard to miss, seeing as it's the only building that isn't ugly.”

Just wait a moment, I'll come—” Glenn stormed out of the room before Drake could finish the sentence.

Did I do something wrong?

No, you didn't. It's all my fault!”

Wait...can we talk through telepathy too?

Yes. It's one of the few skills that doesn't require us to...drink blood. With enough training we could even control the actions of others, but we don't want that, do we?”

No...I suppose we don't...

You suppose?”

Well, it could be useful under certain circumstances...

Don't be stupid! You have to hold on to the remnants of your humanity instead of giving in to the beast!”

Why are so you mad?

It doesn't matter! Just meet me at the castle in a few hours! Oh, but visit the armor shop beforehand and get yourself a new set. Keep the leather armor though. I doubt anything in Pagan could match it's enchantment, at least anything you could actually afford.”

Silence returned and Drake went to the bathroom to freshen up. He would never choose to live in Pagan instead of Arlin but they had a nifty system in place where you only needed to turn a few knobs to get all the water you needed. You could even heat it up on the way! Drake assumed it to be some kind of magic whereas it was actually an invention created by the dwarves during the Golden Age. They never managed to distribute the system to any human settlements though as the war broke out soon after. It wasn't until hundreds of years later that an expedition led by the Adventurers Guild stumbled upon the plans in an abandoned dwarven outpost. That's one of the reasons they could afford to built such extraordinary guild halls all over the globe.

Drake noticed his blood-shot eyes in the mirror as he dried his face but assumed it to be nothing more than a side effect of his transformation. He was actually more surprised that he had a reflection to begin with but seeing as nearly everything he knew about vampires seemed to be wrong it shouldn't have been much of a surprise. If Modera could have listened in she would have ridiculed him for assuming that an inanimate object would care if he was dead or alive. Isn't there something like a vampire's handbook? Certainly couldn't hurt. With that in mind he left the room.

This version is horribly outdated.
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Chapter 4: Remnants Of The Marble City

The moment I died the world changed: All colors faded away, time slowed down to a crawl and Modera's laughter, as well as every other sound, was replaced by an eerie silence. Not an absolute silence though as I could hear something resembling rolling thunder in the distance, which made me feel uneasy for no discernible reason. It's hard to describe but something began to well up in the deepest recesses of my mind. It can't be! Why am I able to hear it already? But the moment realization dawned upon me pain seared through my soul and erased everything. Still, I felt compelled to investigate and stood up, leaving my body behind. I didn't seem to care though, as if I had already accepted my fate and was ready to move on. Maybe it was the only chance I had before Modera corrupted my soul and brought me back to life.

That is correct. Modera is too busy celebrating her victory, which gives you more than enough time to choose if you want to live on as a vampire or if you want to die,” responded a muffled voice to my thoughts, which should have been weird but something inside me knew that I wasn't alone anymore. I turned around and my expectations were met when I saw a black-robed figure bearing a scythe. “I'll never understand why mortals need to be afraid of death even after their demise. Wouldn't you prefer something that calms your soul before you move on?”

I've never actually thought of that.”

It's always the same, no matter who I ask,” he sighed, “But you might be the only person who should actually be afraid of me!”

I don't understand...”

Of course you don't and maybe you'll never remember, but I don't have to forgive you for your choice! Just don't screw up this time!” his voice was but a mere echo at this point as his form flickered out of existence.

What about my choice?!”

I don't care about your choice!”

Alone again and it seems that time had moved on while I wasn't looking. Modera was kneeling in front of my body now, certainly getting ready to transform me into a creature of darkness. Incapable of stopping her I went towards the balcony to bask in the light of the sun one last time. I failed to do so though as the beautiful ball of fire had been replaced by an ominous storm cloud in the distance. It should have been too far away to make out any details but I swear that I saw something resembling a face in its center. At that exact moment something began to pull at my soul.

Let me end your suffering!” demanded a familiar voice but before I could put my finger on it I was sucked back into my body.

Unimaginable pain began to course through my mind and body!

We were marching through the frozen wastelands of the north after having claimed victory at last! After centuries of war we would finally be at peace.

Modera's blood began to flow through my veins and my body felt like it was on fire as it tried to fight back in vain.

Night had already fallen and our party was about to call it a day when darkness descended upon our camp! I've never felt so much power before.

My whole body convulsed painfully as dozens of arteries exploded and mended themselves at the same time!

The corpses of our most magnificent warriors littered the ground, painting the snow red while he continued to rip them apart! Their dying screams echoed across the clearing and I ended up with blood all over my clothes without being able to save even a single one of them!

Something was eating itself through my brain and I screamed and screamed and screamed while the headache got so horrendous that I thought my skull would explode!

Only the two us were left alive when a sphere of pure energy erased every trace of the massacre! When I awoke I was all alone...

The pain subsided when my heart began to beat again, pumping the tainted blood through my veins.

My eyes have been opened! He will come and save us! Bring salvation and rejuvenation! He will! He must! He has to! Destroy him! You don't have a choice! It is your destiny!

The Savior! The Promised One! He who will vanquish the darkness! All meaningless if you fai—arghhh!


Friday, January 24, 2014

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Chapter 3: Modera

I've been pacing back and forth atop this hill for hours now, waiting for the moment when Emily would finally arrive. We've been friends for many years now but all of that might change today.

Worst case scenario: We'd never talk to each other again even though she lives right around the corner. That wouldn't be much of a problem if we lived in a big city like Pagan but it's simply impossible not to run into each other when you reside in a village with less than 100 inhabitants. Emily might not hate me for what I'm about to do but what if she's unable to reciprocate my feelings? Would be kinda awkward to spend time with each other when she knows that I want more from her than she wants from me.

Perhaps I'm just worrying too much. I'm certain that she has feelings for me; however, that could be nothing but wishful thinking...sure, she said some very suggestive things recently but perhaps she was just fooling around...

Goddammit, stop worrying! Just wait for her to arrive and tell her everything!” I screamed at myself, frustrated by the entire situation.

Tell me what?”

The sweet voice of my childhood friend stopped me dead in my tracks. My heart was throbbing when I thought of the possibility that she might have been concealing her presence the entire time, eavesdropping on all of my trial runs where I tried to confess my feelings to a tree. I should have seen her coming up the path, shouldn't I? It's right next to me so there's no way I could have missed her! Or was I simply too distracted?

Drake? Is something wrong?”

Emily was standing directly behind me now, her warmth spreading all across my body, even though she wasn't touching me at all. I gulped nervously, clenched my fists so hard that my knuckles turned white and tried to gather all of my courage before I finally turned around to face her.

Her crimson hair was blowing in the wind and a radiant smile played on her lips, as if she knew what I was going to ask and had already made up her mind.

No fair!” I must have sounded like a little child complaining to his mother.

I have no idea what you're talking about.” but her devious grin belied her words.

I raised my right hand hesitantly and her green eyes followed it's movement curiously. Emily was surely wondering if I was going to stick to the original plan or simply make up something on the spot. My trembling hand hesitated mere inches from her cheek and didn't budge for what felt like an eternity; however, Emily was grinning from ear to ear now and forced me to continue by leaning her head to the side, gently resting her cheek in the palm of my hand.

My mind must have been playing tricks on me because her skin felt strangely...wet? I was about to unburden myself when my voice failed me. Not because I couldn't take the final, something was forcing itself down my throat! I didn't understand what was happening! My hands shot towards my mouth and I managed to get a hold of something slimy, which seemed to have the same consistency as Emily's skin!

What is going on?!” I uttered, or at least tried to.

Emily just looked at me, still grinning from ear to ear as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

I managed to get rid of whatever was trying to invade my body but even though I felt something moving in the palms of my hands I couldn't actually see anything. When I looked up once more Emily had been replaced by a strange person in gray robes.

Wake up!” 

Monday, January 13, 2014

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Chapter 2: A fateful encounter

Drake seemed to fall for an eternity before the dreamworld faded away and released him into the real one. His whole body was drenched in sweat, his heart was pounding as if he'd run a marathon and his head seemed like it was about to explode. He'd never felt this awful before and was incapable of standing up, so he just rolled out of his bed and crashed to the ground.

One might assume that Drake's condition had something to do with his meeting in the dreamworld but at least the headache was solely his fault, as could be extrapolated by all the empty beer bottles littering the ground. Emily might have only turned 16 but celebrations like these were rare in a village like Arlin, offering party-goers the perfect excuse to get drunk, especially because Lester, the owner of the pub, was a bit too generous with the amount of alcohol he offered.

Drake, are you okay?!” asked a worried voice from the bed. Seems like his fall had woken up Emily, who had stayed behind to help clean up the house in the morning. Of course that's only part of the reason as she could have done so without staying behind, seeing as her house was right around the corner.

My...head...”, is all that Drake managed to utter before he vomited on the carpet.

I warned you that this would happen if you drink too much! Wait a moment, I'll get a potion and something to clean up the floor.”

Her footsteps vanished in the distance while Drake crawled towards his desk to get away from the mess he made.

If you don't manage to reach the tower before sunrise everything will be lost!”

The voice of the Alp resonated throughout his mind but in his current state Drake couldn't tell if he had actually met this mysterious person or if he was just a figment of his imagination. Not that it would have been easier to believe if he hadn't been hung over, so he would have to make sure if his father was actually gone or not. However, even such a simple task seemed impossible at the moment.

Emily returned soon after but Drake was too groggy to notice her, which led to a coughing fit because he didn't realize what was happening when she dribbled a potion down his throat.

Come on, don't be such a baby!” she reprimanded him, concern for his well-being evident in her voice.

As soon as the coughing subsided she poured the rest of the bitter drink into his mouth and even though his stomach grumbled horribly he managed to prevent himself from puking a second time. His hangover didn't magically vanish from one second to the next but he was already on his feet in a matter of minutes and the world stopped spinning soon after. Of course there are substances that could have cured him instantly but no one in Arlin was proficient enough to brew such high-quality potions and buying them was completely out of the question, especially because the village was located in the middle of nowhere and driving across the bridge to Pagan would have taken hours.

Drake sat on his desk and watched Emily clean up the floor while trying to gather his thoughts. If his father had actually left in the middle of the night he would have to follow him as soon as possible without alerting Emily. She might not be much of a fighter but tended to win most of their arguments and would surely tag along if she suspected that anything was wrong.

Obviously there was still the possibility that nothing out of the ordinary had actually happened, even if his father had left the house. Maybe he was just out for a walk, reminiscing about his wife who had died during Drake's birth. Or maybe he was playing poker with the guards, who tended to fall asleep otherwise as nothing bad ever happened in the village.

However, the mere possibility that his father might be in danger was worrying enough. Drake had never seen magic with his own eyes but he didn't doubt that something like the Alp could actually exist.

I think I'll get some fresh air. I'm still a bit dizzy.”, he said at last and got ready to leave.

Seriously? You're going to let me clean up your mess on my birthday while you take a walk all by yourself?! You could at least wait for me!” she actually sounded a bit mad now.

I'm sorry, I'll make it up to you! But it will only take a few minutes. No point in changing into your street clothes again.”

I'll just take a coat then!” she said matter-of-factly and he knew that arguing would be pointless, so he just went downstairs, stealthily taking his sword with him as Emily went back to work.

As Drake reached the bottom of the stairs he noticed that something was missing: Opposite the door of the entrance hall was a beautiful display case, which normally contained an impressive piece of armor and a sword with a gorgeous golden hilt, both of which were gone now. Checking the bedroom seemed to be pointless but he did so anyway, only to find it empty. The bed appeared to be freshly made, as if no one had slept within it in since the previous night.

Did you really have to take your armor with you?! That makes it even more likely that this Alp told me the truth...

There was no time to waste but he still had to get rid of Emily. He might be able to leave the village before she was done but unless he managed to climb over the walls one of the guards would surely be able to tell her where he went. The bridge to the Paternity-Forest had collapsed years ago and no one had bothered to repair it so there were only three places where he could possibly go and all of them could be reached by going north, so that's all she would have to do if she wanted to catch up to him.

As Drake closed the bedroom door he lost control over his legs, forcing him to grip onto the door knob as hard possible to prevent himself from crashing to the floor again. He regained his footing seconds later but it was obvious that he still needed some time to recover...and with that thought in mind he smiled.

Monday, December 16, 2013

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Chapter 1: Echoes of the future

I had been drifting through the darkness for an eternity and would continue to do so until the end of time. All of creation had perished, leaving me as the sole survivor. There weren't even any sounds left apart from my beating heart.
I had long since given up hope when they found me at last. Turns out they had been searching for me since the moment I doomed the universe. Some hated me for what I'd done, others defended my decision. Ultimately it doesn't matter as they offered me a deal and I took it.
All I can remember is that my entire body was engulfed by a blinding flash of light.
Perhaps this time...


Friday, December 13, 2013

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A Decaying World

Book 1 of the Mortaevum Series


This story begins on a planet called Meceruun. Aeons ago it was called Hope by the Seraphim, a race that came from the stars after their own planet had been destroyed under mysterious circumstances. An eternity has passed since then and there isn't much left to hope for in this world.
1000 years ago a grueling war swept across the world, decimating its populations and destroying entire landmasses. It would be impossible to mention everything that was lost so I'll focus on the few places that will be important in the story you're about to hear.
The great human city of Pagan, which encompassed four vast districts and a beautiful park, has been reduced to a mere shadow of it's former self. Only the castle remained unscathed, which stands in stark contrast to the poorly rebuilt city where everything looks the same.
The dwarves would have been able to rebuilt Pagan according to its original design but they've suffered fatal losses and have retreated into the deepest depths of the mountains, collapsing every path leading to their cities to safe themselves from extinction.
But all this seems pointless as even the tree of life is slowly but surely withering away. It would have perished a millennium ago if the elves hadn't sacrificed their entire homeland to delay the inevitable. Unless they find a way to restore it Meceruun will become nothing but a wasteland...and the everything will cease to be...

However, even in these darkest of times, there's still a single ray of hope left.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I was a bit busy in the last few days and today I've been watching the Doctor Who anniversary and will rewatch it later on so I didn't manage to write that much new content. But here's the second chapter and I'll have to see how much more of the short story I'actually post as it's much more than a first draft already.
Maybe it'll change a bit more when I'm actually done.

Chapter 2: Nowhere

I don't know how much time had passed but eventually my consciousness returned once more. Contrary to last time I couldn't hear anything at all and it looked like I was surrounded by total darkness.
Since my flashlight seemed to be missing I pulled out my smartphone to use it as a light source. As soon as I turned it on my eyes were glued to the screen.

October 32st, 25:83h

“What the...? Is it broken?”
Under normal circumstanced it should have been...but how could I call it normal when people had been spirited away right in front of my eyes...well, close to me at least. Trying to ignore the impossible date I turned the phone away from me and looked at my surroundings. I was sitting in a small room made of stone...although it didn't actually feel like stone...more like...flesh? I quickly withdrew my hand.
My flashlight was lying just out of arms reach but apart from that the room seemed to be completely empty while the doorway was blocked by something I couldn't really make out in the dim light my phone provided, so I picked up my flashlight and stood up.
Strangely enough my body had completely recovered but as I felt neither hungry nor thirsty it couldn't have been that long since I crashed into the tree.
Now how do I get out of here?
I shone my flashlight at the exit but all I could see was an impenetrable wall of darkness. Kinda like fog, just much thicker. There didn't seem to be any other way out so I took a few steps forward. My heart began to race as I reached out tentatively, imagining every possible horror scenario I could think of. It might have engulfed my whole body, devouring me very slowly while keeping me alive throughout the whole process.
But nothing of the sort happened. It simply turned to dust and disappeared.
Huh...that was way too easy...
I stepped outside and found myself standing inside a corridor that seemed to stretch endlessly in two directions. Opposite to my room was another wall of darkness and although it might have been stupid I also touched it to see what lay behind it but this one didn't even budge. which way do I go?
I checked out both directions but they didn't seem to have any distinguishing features. Just endless hallways lined by even more rooms. I tried to open another one but apparently only the occupant could actually open it. Why would anyone build cells that can only be opened from inside? Maybe to lull the prisoners into a false sense of security before the real horror starts...who knows?
“Hello, is anybody in there?” I pressed my ear to the wall so I didn't miss anything but nobody answered. That's when I noticed a strange sensation, as if the walls were shaking. It reminded me of a movie I'd seen once.
I kneeled down and looked at the ground. It was barely visible but it seemed to be shaking. I closed my eyes and listened very intently....bam bam...bam sounded like...footsteps. Opening my eyes I panicked and spun around in a circle, trying to make out where this creature was coming from. But this isn't what I was made for so ultimately I had to decide on a whim and ran like hell.

The corridor went on and on and on and the further I went the more unstable it seemed to become. The walls shimmered in and out of existence as if something was trying to replace them and once in a while parts of the floor simply turned into sand, only to harden seconds later, nearly severing my foot a couple of times. My flashlight wouldn't stop flickering but I still noticed that it's light disappeared in the distance as if it was hitting another wall of darkness. I couldn't see any obstacles though.
Maybe I should have stopped but out of the corner of my eyes I could see something looking at me, as if the walls themselves were alive. I certainly had no interest in finding out if they actually were. Only a few more steps and...
It felt like someone had rammed his fist into my stomach. The air was forced out of my lungs while something slid down my throat even though there didn't seem to be anything in front of me. I chocked, unable to breath and dropped my flashlight to reach for whatever was trying to enter my body. My hands touched something slimy but were unable to get a grip on it, especially because it just got bigger and bigger. My body felt like it was going to explode any minute now as more and more of this thing forced itself into my body with no end in sight. I fell to my knees and was about to faint when it simply ended. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hello and welcome to my new blog!

Here I'll post drafts of my short stories and novels to get feedback while working on them.

I haven't really written that much as I spend most of my time developing games where I didn't have to care about things like narration or descriptions. Most of the games I created were part of the same universe which grew bigger and bigger and would have led to a final showdown in the third game of my main series but it ultimately grew too big for me alone.
Maybe I could have found someone to help me but the third demo took more then 6 years to make and I really didn't like the beginning after having learned so much. So I needed to redo a whole chapter while still missing more then half of the game...which led to my decision to turn it into a book as this would enable me to create a good story from start to finish as no one wants to read a book with a mediocre beginning.

I don't know if I'll suceed as I can't just copy the game and add a bit of narration but it's worth a try, right? So I'll publish my first drafts on this blog to hopefully create something worth reading.

The first one won't have anything to do with my universe as I wanted to see if I'd be able to sell a short story before I work on a full-fledged novel. The story is nearly finished so I might not publish everything.

As soon as I'm done setting everything up I'll post the first part of the story. In the meantime you can have a look at one of the trailers I made for my game back in the day.