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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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Despicable Friend Zone

Short Story

*J0hnNimal signed in
<J0hnN1mal> Still no one online? Have you all gone dark or what?
*Fr4nzi5ka signed in
<J0hnN1mal> Franzi ^_^ Finally back from the convention?
<Fr4nzi5ka> Hi John :) I've been back since Friday, but I didn't find the time to go online.
<J0hnN1mal> Why?
<Fr4nzi5ka> I spent the weekend with Michael. Playing games, watching movies and stuff.
<J0hnN1mal> Wasn't he also at the con?
<Fr4nzi5ka> Yeah. It was great to finally meet him in person. Talking online is nice and all, but you never know if the person on the other end isn't putting on an act to get closer to you.
<J0hnN1mal> I suppose Michael wasn't a creep?
<Fr4nzi5ka> Do you think I'd spend the weekend with a creepy guy?
<J0hnN1mal> No.
<Fr4nzi5ka> There you have it :)
<J0hnN1mal> So...I guess you like him?
*Fr4nzi5ka signed out
<J0hnN1mal> Hey, why are you leaving?
<J0hnN1mal> Come back!
<J0hnN1mal> Hello?
*4rg0s4x signed in
<4rg0s4x> Hey, what's up?
*J0hnN1mal kicked 4rg0s4x
*J0hnN1mal banned 4rg0s4x
*Fr4nzi5ka signed in
<J0hnN1mal> You didn't have to leave so suddenly :/
<Fr4nzi5ka> Sorry, my connection collapsed. Must have been the storm. Has it reached you too?
<J0hnN1mal> Yeah, it's been raining all day long.
<J0hnN1mal> But don't change the topic, please...
<Fr4nzi5ka> What was the topic again?
<J0hnN1mal> Do you like him?
<Fr4nzi5ka> Michael? Oh...
<Fr4nzi5ka> I'm not sure. He's a sweet guy and he's always trying to help me.
<Fr4nzi5ka> But you know that I broke up only recently. I'm not sure if I'm ready for a new relationship.
<J0hnN1mal> And yet you spent an entire weekend with him while you never visit me ;_;
<Fr4nzi5ka> What are you saying?
<Fr4nzi5ka> Wait...don't tell love me?
*Fr4nzi5ka signed out
<J0hnN1mal> Yes, I do love you! I have since before you broke up with your boyfriend. You're the only person I can talk to about my problems. The only one who knows how much I've suffered...
*Fr4nzi5ka signed in
<Fr4nzi5ka> Stupid connection!
<Fr4nzi5ka> You still there?
<Fr4nzi5ka> Talk to me!
<J0hnN1mal> There's no point in hiding it, is there? Yes, I do love you, but what does it matter? You'll never like me anyway!
<Fr4nzi5ka> Stop pitying yourself! You'll never get a girlfriend if you behave like this!
<J0hnN1mal> See?
<Fr4nzi5ka> Come on! What do you expect me to do? I like a friend. A really good friend. But that's all there is to it.
<J0hnN1mal> Why do I even try to be nice when it always ends like this? -___-
<Fr4nzi5ka> Stop it! Or do you want me to leave?
<J0hnN1mal> No...
<Fr4nzi5ka> Hey, I think I heard glass shatter below...
<J0hnN1mal> You've got to be kidding me! Already changing the subject?
<Fr4nzi5ka> I'm not joking! Wait a moment...
<J0hnN1mal> Fine, don't love me! But don't play games with me either!
<J0hnN1mal> Helloooo?
<Fr4nzi5ka> Great, the storm uprooted the tree in front of our house and one of its branches crashed through the window. Perfect time to be alone o_o
<Fr4nzi5ka> And why would I make that up?
<J0hnN1mal> To get rid of me?
<Fr4nzi5ka> I can log out if I wanted to do that...
<Fr4nzi5ka> Can't we just be friends? I don't want to hurt you, but I simply can reciprocate your feelings...
<Fr4nzi5ka> John?
<Fr4nzi5ka> Answer me...please...
<Fr4nzi5ka> God, what is this? I think I heard another window shatter...
<Fr4nzi5ka> Wait a moment...if you're still there...

*Fr4nzi5ka signed out
*Fr4nzi5ka signed in
<Fr4nzi5ka> John? Please tell me that you're still online!
<Fr4nzi5ka> JOHN?!
<J0hnN1mal> What is it?
<Fr4nzi5ka> I think someone's in the house with me!
<J0hnN1mal> You sure?
<Fr4nzi5ka> Yes! Another window is broken and there are muddy footprints next to it!
<J0hnN1mal> Did you call the police?
<Fr4nzi5ka> I can't get through. Must be due to the storm. I'm surprised that I still have an internet connection.
<J0hnN1mal> Don't tell me you went back into your room!
<Fr4nzi5ka> Oh god, I tink the guy just kicked on of the doors in
<Fr4nzi5ka> And no Im not that stupd! Im inside a small sidechamber in attic.
<J0hnN1mal> Did you turn off your computer?
<Fr4nzi5ka> I didnt have time for that!
<J0hnN1mal> That means the chat-window is still open?
<Fr4nzi5ka> I supp
<Fr4nzi5ka> Oh god I just told tat guy were I am
<Fr4nzi5ka> I need to get outt here!
*Fr4nzi5ka signed out

*Fr4nzi5ka signed in
<Fr4nzi5ka> That was close...
<J0hnN1mal> Are you safe?
<Fr4nzi5ka> Relatively. I couldn't get out of the house, though. I saw a shadow moving round the corner and had to go somewhere else.
<Fr4nzi5ka> I managed to reach the cops btw. They'll be here any minute now!
<J0hnN1mal> That's great. I wish I could help you..
<Fr4nzi5ka> I do too...
<J0hnN1mal> But you still wouldn't love me?
<Fr4nzi5ka> John, please...
<Fr4nzi5ka> Hav to stp writing brb
*Fr4nzi5ka signed out

*Fr4nzi5ka signed in
<J0hnN1mal> What happened?
<Fr4nzi5ka> The guy sems to b lookn fo me had to rn
<J0hnN1mal> Calm down! I can barely understand your sentences.
<Fr4nzi5ka> How amI supposd to calm don?
<Fr4nzi5ka> What if he wanst to rape me?
<J0hnN1mal> No one wants to rape you! You're too beautiful to do such a cruel thing to you.
<Fr4nzi5ka> I dubt the intrudr tinks lik yu
<Fr4nzi5ka> And pls dont call me beatiful
<J0hnN1mal> Am I not allowed to speak the truth just because I like you?
<Fr4nzi5ka> It makes me feel uncomfortable...
<J0hnN1mal> What if I wanted to hug you?
<Fr4nzi5ka> That too...sorry...but can we talk about this later?
<J0hnN1mal> What's the point?
<Fr4nzi5ka> John I cant del witthis rigt now
<Fr4nzi5ka> o no
<Fr4nzi5ka> can hear im breathn
<J0hnN1mal> Stay where you are!
<Fr4nzi5ka> think hes right ouside
<Fr4nzi5ka> im ded if he finds me
<Fr4nzi5ka> maybe I can knok him out
<J0hnN1mal> Don't do it!
<Fr4nzi5ka> have to cu
<J0hnN1mal> Why'd you have to do that?
*Chatlog deleted
*J0hnNimal signed out